Operation Theatre

Our hospital having Two fully equipped operation theater with C-ARM, Laparoscope are available round the clock where all kinds of surgeries in

• Gastroenterology incl. ERCP, Banding, colonoscopy, Endoscopy, and other gastroenterology procedure,

• General surgery

• Paediatric Surgery

• Orthopaedic surgery

• Plastic surgery

• O & G

• Surgical & Medical Oncology

• Urology surgeries etc.,

are performed.

The hospital has a Labour room with all facilities including Fetal Heart Monitor, Table, Focus, suction, paediatric O2 cylinders and other instruments which are required for Normal and Assisted Deliveries. We also have experienced Staff Nurses to conduct and assist deliveries and for emergencies in time.

We have Warmer & Phototherapy Unit for new born babies and for Neonatal care.


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